Saturday, September 19, 2009

Time To Start Thinking About the Playoff Rotation

The Red Sox are going to be in the playoffs and they are going to be playing the Angels in the first round.  A six game Yankee lead is too much to overcome at this point.  How would you set up the rotation?  Josh Beckett is the defacto ace of the staff but Lester has been a better pitcher lately.  Here is a look at what the playoffs might look like:

Game 1 Josh Beckett/Jon Lester in Anaheim
Game 2 Josh Beckett/Jon Lester  in Anaheim
Game 3 Clay Buchholz/Dice-K/Tim Wakefield in Boston
Game 4 Josh Beckett/Jon Lester in Boston
Game 5 Josh Beckett/Jon Lester in Anaheim

If Lester pitches game one he can also start at Fenway where he is unstoppable.  He did not pitch against the Angels this season and had one start against them last season where he gave up 4 runs in 5 innings, but I think most in Red Sox Nation would feel more comfortable with him on the mound to start the series.  My rotation is in bold but I have a feeling that Beckett will get the start in Game 1.

The Angels are going to have a tough time figuring out their rotation, they have Lackey, Weaver, Saunders, Santana and Kazmir all wanting to start and all with similar numbers. (Santana looks to be the odd man out and Kazmir is a big question mark for the Angels)


Shelley September 19, 2009 at 11:00 AM  

I think we probably won't catch the Yankees....but it's not impossible. If we continue our winning ways...and they hit any kind of skid, we could be in for a race to the finish. Not likely, but until the math tells me otherwise, I won't call the AL East just yet (especially after watching Mo blow a save last night).

Now as for the rotation. Mine is close to yours. I think right now Lester is pitching better than Beckett, but Becks still gets the ball in Game 1. He's been a killer in the post season.

Game 1: Beckett
Game 2: Lester
Game 3: Buchholz
Game 4: Dice K or Beckett (depends on which schedule the Angels decide on...if we need a 4th starter or not)

As for the Angels...they have a great rotation as well. There are rumors they are considering starting Kazmir. Hmm, I can't imagine Lackey and Weaver would be happy to hear that.

No matter what, it has the possibility to being a pitcher's duel each and every game.

Is it post season yet??? Can't wait!

Vince September 19, 2009 at 12:32 PM  

There is no doubt that the Angels are a strong team. But to be honest, I'd rather face the Halos than the Tigers (though the way they're playing right now, it could be the Twins). As good as they are, the rotation really isn't as scary as it was last year (Starters combined for 70-34)... though I guess Kazmir has always put up solid numbers against the Sox.
Still, the Angels have done poorly against the Sox this decade (1-9) and I feel pretty good with the pitcher's match ups, no matter what the rotation may be.

Let's just hope we didn't jinx anything and the Rangers continue to lose.

Section 36 September 19, 2009 at 5:01 PM  

I don't think the Sox will try to catch the Yanks. If they happen to win while resting their starters, so be it. But they'll be happy to set up the rotation for the wild card.

I agree that Beckett's the ace until it's taken from him. He gets game 1. If Dice can pitch well enough in September, they may go 4-man rotation with either schedule. I say Beckett-Lester-Buchholz-DiceK-Beckett.


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