Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sox and Charity: The August Edition!

Hi All! It's time for another charity update. As I have stated in previous months, I committed to donating $10 to charity for every Red Sox win in 2009. After the All Star Break...the Red Sox seemed to hate charity since they seemed hell bent against racking up wins. However, they seem to be a fan of the charity once again!

For the month of August, the Red Sox won 15 games, so that mean $150 going to charity. This month, the money was donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. The money is spent to fund research in hopes of finding a cure to Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes.

I participate in our local walk each and every year, so this month was an easy one to pick the charity. Diabetes is a disease that pulls at my heart strings. My mom unfortunately passed away in 2007 from diabetes related complications. It's one of those diseases that can be managed, but if it is can lead to countless problems. I have such hopes that there will be a cure for the disease in my lifetime so that people do not need to suffer like my mom did.

I used to walk for my mom when she was with us...and since she has passed away, I have walked in her honor. If you happen to have a few extra dollars lying around and want to donate, feel free to donate to my walk page. The walk has come and gone, but they accept donations for about another month.

Now let's review the charities we have given money in 2009.

April $140.00 Donated to MalariaNoMore.Org
May $150.00 Donated to Bob Woodruff Foundation
June/July $310.00 Donated to The Jimmy Fund
August $150.00 Donated to JDRF

for a total of $750.00 being donated in 2009. And in September, we have won 10 games...and I hope we finish all kinds of STRONG! And let's not forget OCTOBER!

Let's Go Red Sox! Not only do walk off wins like last night bring us all kinds of warm fuzzy happiness, but they also help our some really amazing charities.



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