Sunday, September 13, 2009

John Henry Joins the Blogosphere

Red Sox owner John Henry has started a blog on NESN and in his first post he warned readers not to take him so seriously:

Now I realize that if I, for instance, joke around about a curse ... oooeuff! Some people seem to take everything seriously in sports -- everything. I don’t know how anyone can take curses seriously!

I kidded about Yankees Universe and the fact that Red Sox Nation has ceded many of the planets in our own solar system to the Yanks ... oh boy. Some took great offense. “SOX OWNER BASHES YANKS!”

So let's be clear. This blog will often be written with a sense of humor. And it will be controversial for at least a couple of reasons. Number one -- I'm writing it. Number two -- I have had a lifelong tendency to be blunt.

It should be an interesting read.



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