Thursday, September 17, 2009

So...walk off goodness and all that jazz!

So, last night walk off by Alex Gonzalez happened. It did. I am smiling from ear to ear as a result. After the game, I had some Red Sox induced adrenaline so I had a hard time falling asleep. I spent way too much time blathering about the awesomeness of the Red Sox on the twitter. Then, I read this article at 1:35 AM EST by Adam Kilgore over at the Globe. Let's just highlight a few things.

Green revealed after the game that he has been battling a "dead leg" and he thought he was going to collapse during the at-bat and had no chance to get a hit.

So, looks like Greenie has been experiencing a "dead leg" since Monday and did not mention it to anyone. Nick's at bat looked bizarre before we knew what was going on...and hearing his "dead leg" story explained a lot of things. But, umm..I have a bone to pick with you Nick Green. How could you NOT mention it to anyone? You could have been getting treatment for the past 2 days. You allowed Tito to put you into a game to pinch hit with the GAME ON THE LINE when you could not put any weight on your freakin' leg. Not cool. At all. It worked out...since you worked a walk...kind of, but seriously. Next have trainers for a reason...clue them in when your leg is umm...shall we say...dead.

And the controversy continues with Nick Green. Mainly...did he or did he not actually strike out. Umm, let's be honest...he did. I will accept the "it could go either way" of the check swing. The umps could justify that call, no doubt. However, Ball 4...umm, complete strike. We know it. The umps now know it. The Amica Strike Zone surely made sure that Jerry Remy knew it last night. That pitch was dead center in the strike zone. However...the umps called it a ball. It happens sometimes. I am sure that Fuentes is unhappy that he gets a blown save because of a bad call. I can get him being mad as hell about it. However...this is what he had to say after the game about the umpiring.

Afterward, closer Brian Fuentes claimed the Red Sox get calls from umpires at Fenway because the umps are afraid, and that players on his team and on others agreed with him. "It seems like some times, especially here and some other places, some guys are timid to make a call," Fuentes said. "It just seems like that’s the way it is. At Fenway. You hear it time and time again from other guys. The same thing happens when they come through. It’s something you have to live with. It’s either human mistake, or they’re scared. It’s one of the two."

Umm. Really? The umps don't make the right calls because they are scared at Fenway? Seriously? Even if that is true....and well, it's utter malarkey...why would you say that? Next time Fuentes is up in a do and die situation....and the umps see a call that could "go either way" chance in hell that the umps are giving the call Fuentes way. I guess our closer isn't the only one with a need to STFU.

Great game. It may have made it so I was up at 3am and still unable to sleep. Ah, good times. Reminded me of October and that's a very good thing.

P.S. Tek. You're grounded. Just sayin....



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