Friday, June 19, 2009

Papelbon and his attempt at damage control

So, Papelbon should seriously have a guy on his payroll whose job is to follow him around and stop him from saying stupid things. It would be well worth the money. I adore Pap, we know this....but the concept of thinking before you speak is a foreign concept to the boy.

As Matt reported yesterday Papelbon stated in a radio interview that he would consider playing for the Yanks once he became a free agent in 2011. I guess Pap realized that making such statements in 2009 when you are currently playing for their rivals, the Red Sox, might not be such a fantastic idea.

So, Pap has now backed away from said comments in a new article over at the Boston Globe.

"I don't want to go (expletive) play for the Yankees," he said. "I've been on a team for the past five years that's been in first place more than any other (expletive) team otherwise. Why would I want to leave?"

"For me, I want to go to a place where I'm happy," he said. "For me, the only thing that's important is that, A, it's like a family and B, I have manager and a GM that's going to protect me, and I know that here."

OK. So, Pap needs to learn some PR and business lessons. His agent should really be calling him and giving him some much needed tips.

Do I think if things are ideal...Pap wants to resign with the Sox? Absolutely. I think he is honest when he says he is happy with the Red Sox. The dude loves his job, loves that the Sox win, loves the culture and attention in Boston, etc. However, I also think it is bull to the shit when he says that the only thing that is important is to be happy when he becomes a free agent. He hasn't spent YEARS now talking about contracts and his love of the benjamins to not have money be the prime factor. The guy is out to set the standard for contracts when it comes to closers and I think he realizes he might not be able to do that with the Sox.

I love me some Papelbon. I think he's not only incredibly talented, but also highly entertaining to watch as an "ath-a-lete." I want him to stay with the Sox until he is old and gray. However, if he doesn't sign with the Sox...I think the only team who can give him the type of contract he wants is the Yankees....he knows....we know it...the Red Sox knows it.

But seriously Pap. Shut your mouth. At least for right now.


dave,  June 19, 2009 at 4:35 PM  

He is one cocky SoaB, isn't he?

Matt June 19, 2009 at 8:21 PM  

Whenever I get mad a an athlete for speaking his mind about "getting paid" I have to remind myself of what the Sox did to Bronson after he took a hometown discount.

But then I remember that I work at a non-profit and when they start complaining about not getting enough cash when they are offered multi-million dollar contracts I get a little pissed.

Professional sports is entertainment and Paps is entertaining, will he be entertaining if he wants $15 mil a year? sure, as long as it's not with the MFY


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