Friday, June 19, 2009

Q & A With Braves Journal Blogger

To get ready for the the Braves/Red Sox series, Fenway West interviewed Mac Thomason, author of

FW: Do you think this will be Bobby Cox's last year as manager?

Mac Thomason: There's no indication that it will be. His contract was extended, and you would think he'd give some sort of notice. I don't really know why he wants to continue at this point. It can't be too much fun.

FW: What do Braves fans think of Smoltz signing with the Red Sox?

Mac Thomason: I think that at the time the feeling was that the Braves should have taken care of him. Since then, he's been annoying enough that people are less sympathetic. The starting pitching has been really good, which has taken the pressure off the front office -- on that front.

FW: Will the Braves be sellers before the trade deadline?

Mac Thomason: Depends, mostly on the next two weeks (two series with the Sox, one with the Yankees, one with the Phillies). If the Braves are still about where they are (5 back) then, they probably won't sell. If they fall much further back, they probably will. I'm quite certain that the Yankee and Sox scouts have been keeping a very close eye on Rafael Soriano and Mike Gonzalez; both are free agents, and you'd think at least one would be traded if the Braves are out of it.

FW: Did the Braves make the right decision in extending Chipper Jone's contract?

Yes. The deal is pretty cheap for a hitter of his caliber, and you can't just find one hanging around. The Braves also don't really have a third baseman of any quality in the system, the one big position of weakness.

FW: What is your prediction for this series?

Mac Thomason: The Red Sox should be looking to do what they do, work the counts, get the Braves' starters out of there early, before Soriano/Gonzalez come into play. I'm guessing one blowout Sox win, one close Sox win, one Braves win.



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