Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kanas City Media Keeps Whining About Being a Small Market Team

Yes the Red Sox do spend more money than the Royals but they also play in a much tougher division and have to compete with the Yankees. The Royals are a bad team because they have not bought into the moneyball idea that other small market teams have. Bartolo Colon was a free agent until spring training started, the Royals had a chance to sign him at a salary they could afford and they chose not to. Kansas City is paying Tomko $3 million this season and he was beat by Colon yesterday. The ownership and executives in Kansas City have made bad choices for the last 20 years, stop writing these whiny articles and start looking at the people running your team. By the way, who was the commissioner that has allowed so much disparity in baseball salaries? That's right it's Bud Selig; former owner of a small market team.



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