Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sox Put it in Cruise Control With Colon Driving the Bus

El Gordo earned his first win for the Red Sox tonight after going 5 innings giving up 7 hits and 2 earned runs. The rest of the staff held the Royal scoreless until Timlin gave up a run in the 9th.. Ellsbury led off the game with a tater and even Julio Lugo got in on the action with 2 hits. Manny continues to be ice cold but as he said today he is saving #500 for the West Coast. Its nice to know that Manny wants to do something for us out here on the other side of the continent. You knew the game was out of reach for K.C. when Remy and Orsillo began discussing stealing pajamas from the flight to Japan. Things are looking good for our heroes with 6 straight wins at home, they should be able to complete the sweep with Dice-K pitching tomorrow.

Sox Win 6-3 BOX SCORE



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