Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pitchers Deliver Again for Sox

Justin Masterson had another good outing in his short stay in Boston but this time the pen held it giving him his first career victory. He went into the 7th giving without giving up a run and only 3 hits. After he gave up his 4th hit he was pulled and replaced by Lopez. Javier Lopez got a ground out that sent the runner to second and was the replaced by Delcarmen. Manny gave up a hit allowing Masterson's runner to score but then struck out the next batter to end the inning. Okajima came in for the 8th and got in a bases loaded jam after giving up a hit and 2 walks but was able to keep the 1 run lead and get 2 outs. Papelbon was called in for a high pressure 4 out save. He got the K to end the 8th and got the batters in order in the 9th.

Meche made hits hard to come by for the Sox but they were able to get 2 runs in the second and that was all they would need.

Sox win 2-1 BOX SCORE



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