Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sox Complete 4 Game Sweep of the Royals

The Red Sox scored 11 runs today in what should have been a walk in the park after the second grand slam but the pen let the Royals back in it. Kansas City was able to bring the tying run up to the plate in the 9th before Papelbon closed the door. Dice-K pitched well enough to get the win and remains undefeated. The Red Sox have won 7 straight games and now head out to Fenway West for a 3 game series against the A's. I am lucky enough to have tickets to Saturday and Sunday's games. Fenway West contributer Dave (Red Sox Sonoma) will also be at Sunday's game so expect a great deal of updates in the coming days, including the recap of getting a high-5 from Manny after he hits #500.

Red Sox win 11-8 BOX SCORE



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