Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Schilling Reflects on Lester's No Hitter

Curt Schilling has a new post up at 38pitches.com where he discussses Lester's no hitter. Here are a few highlights:

"The thing I smiled most about, and was most proud of, well things actually, was the fact he kept within himself, never let a pitch, or an at bat get away from him, and showed why he’s a potential top of the rotation, ace kind of guy."

"It’s the thing that will always make baseball the greatest game on earth. On ANY given night you have many chances to see something you’ll never see again, or that’s never happened before, after over a 100 years of the game being played already."

I have to agree with Schilling on that, you never know what you are going to see at a baseball game...kinda like going to a Grateful Dead concert. I was at the game in Oakland last season when Schilling almost had his no hitter. The strangest thing I ever saw at a game was a guy who jumped from the upper deck at Yankee Stadium into the net behind home plate. He told reporters he did it because he thought the game was boring. I think it was because he was a drunk Yankee fan and the Sox were winning.



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