Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fenway West Spring Tour Day 1

I am headed to the Coliseum to turn around this slump for the Red Sox. Wake will be on the mound so it should be interesting. Look at this scenario:

The good news? The Sox have a scheduled day off on Thursday. Nonetheless, Francona today could be faced with the prospect of either, 1) leaving Wakefield on the mound longer than he wants to; 2) employing other members of his starting rotation as relievers; or, in a worst case scenario, 3) using positional players to safeguard against injury on his pitching staff.

Don't forget to enter the Wakefield 2000 strikeout contest, he is just 89 away, with the injury to Dice-K he should get the innings to do it this year. I'll be sitting in Section 128 and will post a few updates and pictures from the park .



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