Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wake Delivers

Once again I got to witness a Red Sox pitcher's no-hitter get broken up in the late innings. (at least it wasn't the last batter like it was with Schilling) The Red Sox needed Wake to eat up some innings and he delivered. He had a perfect game into the 5th before Lowell booted an easy play. Nick Green and Ellsbury made some spectacular plays in the field to keep the no-hitter going until the A's broke it up in the 8th.

The Red Sox offense came alive early with a two run homer by Mike Lowell. They broke it open in the 8th with 6 more runs off of the A's bullpen. Every starter except Pedroia had a hit.

Today's win is just what the Sox needed before returning home, after an off day tomorrow they will face Baltimore on Friday.

The Good: Wake
The Bad: Pedroia 0-5
The Ugly: The A's Bullpen

Red Sox Win 8-2 BOX SCORE

In other Sox news, Dice-K was put on the DL and Lowrie will not need surgery on the wrist.


dave,  April 15, 2009 at 10:11 PM  

My post coming tom'w, waiting for photos from friend. Wotta game!!!

Go Wake!!!!


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