Saturday, April 18, 2009

Holy Lopsided Score Batman!

No, not football. Yes, baseball. The 2009 New York Yankees have set a new franchise low record by allowing 14, yes that's 1-4, fourteen Cleveland Indians to make a round trip around the diamond in one inning at the brand spanking new Yankee Stadium. Former ace of the Lowlanders, Chien-Ming Wang was chased off to the showers in the 2nd inning after allowing 8 runs. Anthony Claggett (who?) came in and promptly allowed another 6 runs in that inning, and another 2 runs before he got the hook as well. The Indians would not relent until they had scored a total of 22 runs by the end of the game. The Indians belted 6 home runs in the game, including a grand tater by Asdrubal Cabrera. The Yanks should have sent in Nick Swisher instead of Claggett (who?)

Now I'm wondering where the Red Sox can get a few cans of that whoop-ass that Cleveland found.
Now back to our regularly scheduled programming: BOS-5 BAL-0 heading into the 4th.


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