Saturday, August 8, 2009

15 innings. A loss. At least I could say I was there.

Ah, my first trip to Fenway much better than my first trip to Yankee Stadium. I headed down to NYC yesterday at about 1pm. Got a smidge lost getting into the city and got to the parking lot at about 5pm.

I went down with a friend of mine who is a Yankees fan. We got a good number of bizarre looks from people, but well...we are both baseball fans. She's just a fan of evil.

Now, you expect this post to be all depressing and sad...given how the game turned out, but is not. It was a brutal way to lose, but I still think it is pretty cool it is a game I got to see in person.

Here are some of my thoughts on the game....

Perceptions of the New Yankee Stadium:

It is a beautiful stadium. As it should be with its brand spankin' newness. Easy to get there. Parking is easy peasy. We got there just as the doors were opening. We walked around the concourse area....saw the shops. Didn't go in. I didn't want any of its Yankeeness to rub off on me. There was plenty of food. The staff were incredibly helpful and nice. I was kind of in charge of our I was always the one asking directions and making sure I was going in the right place and never once did someone be anything other than nice and courteous. is definitely different than at Fenway. Once are not getting in any section unless you have a ticket for that section. I loved at Fenway that I could walk just about anywhere...right by the ever we wanted to go. Not in Yank Stadium. You are asked to show your ticket everywhere you go.

So, was I heckled? Short answer...not much. Longer answer. It was interesting. I expected there to be more Sox fans at the game. In my section....I was in Bleacher 202 (So I could oogle and cheer behind JD in Right)...there were about 7 Sox fans in total and hundreds of Yankee fans.

Interestingly, I got a free pass when it came to heckling. And, I was not quiet. I YELLED and CHEERED for all my Sox. I clapped every time one of our pitches threw a strike....clapped when their's threw a ball. I yelled out Let's GO _____ for whoever was on the mound for the Sox...or whatever batter was at the plate. I got left alone. There was a kid in front of me who was a Sox fan too...and he was cheering with me.

He got a pass because he was a kid. I got a pass...well, I could try to find another reason...but well, I got a pass...because I have boobs. In fact, the worst heckle I got was a direct comment about said boobs. Part of me is thankful for this...because I was able to cheer for my team and it didn't become a really unenjoyable experience...but I was also somewhat offended by it. (More thankful than offended).

There were a group of guys behind me....who were a little drunk and a little obnoxious. Every Sox fan who got up, moved, said anything...they YELLED at...called them an asshole and just treated them like dirt. Me...I cheered all night long. Not a word. In fact, we ended up getting into a discussion later on in the was the 8th inning, so it was in fact early in the game.

People were BRUTAL last night to Papi. He had to take it. I did have to put my 2 cents in and when AROD came up...I would chant, "So DID AROD." But well..couldn't complain much about the Papi comments.

OK. About the actual game. Until ARod's final at was a really REALLY enjoyable game to watch. It was a classic pitchers duel. Beckett was DEALING. Burnett was DEALING. Both bullpens...lights out. I got to see Pap pitch...and be that lights out guy I want to see on a mound. JD's catch in RIGHT...umm...spectacular. Ells running out the throw...and stealing at will. Fan freakin' tastic. Even though he gave up the homer, I saw Tazawa's first MLB time on a mound and for a guy who has not major league experience...had to come in during the 14th Yankee Stadium...I think he did well, even with how the game turned out.

I wanted us to win that game BADLY. It was closing in on 1am and I had a 4 hour drive in front of me, but even with how it turned out...I am really glad I was there and got to stand there in the mix of it all. is a new day. Clay. You know I have love for you. BRING IT. BRING IT NOW. We need it. Beckett did his job yesterday, but sadly the bats were not playing.


Matt August 8, 2009 at 6:34 PM  

That was a great game with some great plays, no matter the outcome you need to have games like that to keep the rivalry alive.


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