Saturday, August 8, 2009


....and start worrying about the present.

After the tough loss last night, there are a few things that I have to get off my mind.

First, WOW that HURT!

Second, a great effort by the pitching staff. Wow, holding that Yankees offense down for 14 + innings is fantastic. On the flip side, now that Masterson is gone, do we have a reliever that can go more than an inning? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE THIS BULLPEN, but in games like last night, look how many pitchers we used compared to them (8 to 6, and the starter went 7).

Third, that was a pathetic effort by the FOUR HITS IN 15 INNINGS (7 1/3 against the bullpen) in what was the biggest game of the year for this team (Until today’s game). After Pedroia getting hit on Thursday, they should have came out fired up, and with the exception of Beckett it sure didn’t seem that way (maybe we should have let him hit).

Now to Theo. What good is a farm system full of studs if the big league team doesn’t use it to get what they need now?

The LaRoche trade (to get him) was sold as getting much needed depth.
So then, he is traded for Kotchman who is “better suited to a bench role”, OK, I guess.
Now about adding that depth…why was Youk playing leftfield on Thursday when Chris Duncan is in the organization? Since now we are pretty much screwed at SS because we traded our depth away there. I know Lugo wasn’t a favorite, but he was hitting well and oh yeah, WE’RE STILL PAYING HIS SALARY. Is Chris Woodward really better than LUGO? With the play that this team has had at SS since we let Orlando Cabrera go, why would we not have made an upgrade there? Lowrie has great POTENTIAL, but lets face it, last year he surprised EVERYONE when he was thrust into the starting lineup. He was GREAT, but after the pitchers started getting a book on him, he slowed down. Now there are two problems, 1. He hasn’t made the adjustments to the pitchers and 2. He is coming off a wrist injury (REMEMBER NOMAR? He was never the same).

Am I way off base here? I love the pick up of Victor Martinez, but is he really what we needed most? Thinking long term, he will play 1st (not catch, because next year he is 31) and Youk will move to third, so why keep Lars Anderson?

I hate to say it, but for me, it is no longer, “In Theo I Trust”


Matt August 8, 2009 at 8:48 AM  

I don't think Theo is done making deals and I wouldn't be surprised if Cabrera finds his way back to Boston. V-Mart was the best hitter around at the deadline and he can DH when Papi is gone to allow Lars to play first.

I think the big problem has been J-Bay. Until he gets healthy and starts hitting again this roster is not going to score runs.

At least Ells is hitting.

Mike August 8, 2009 at 10:57 AM  

I agree. Bay has to get back and start hitting. Prospects are overrated. By this time next year there will be more over-hyped kids that may or may not live up to expectation. I say move these guys for something established and lets get going. This team is proof that you can never have enough pitching. Penny's ERA is over 5, Smoltz is finished, Matsuzaka and Wakefield are DL'd. After Beckett and's pray for rain.


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