Friday, August 7, 2009

Ortiz's Saturday Press Conference Will Be a Train Wreck

David Ortiz needs to hire a new PR guy. His press conference on Saturday will only damage his reputation more. To truly get fan support he needs to have a regular conversation with the media and answer the questions they ask. He won't do that on Saturday because he will be accompanied by someone from the MLBPA. The media will ask questions this weekend and Ortiz will say he can't answer them because he doesn't have the full results of the test. He will hide behind the Player's Union and say how sorry he is for giving incomplete answers blaming it on government leaks. There is no way Ortiz is going to give an answer that will satisfy anyone if he needs to have an MLBPA guy with him at the press conference. Expect to have more questions after the press conference ends and expect Big Papi's reputation to take another hit. After last night's game Ortiz said, "I'm gonna let you guys know what I got. Period." He is already limiting what he is going to say. He is in hole and needs to stop digging.



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