Sunday, August 2, 2009

Steroid Story Gets Uglier

As MLB and Ortiz* try to ignore the PED issue and think it will just go away, more and more stories about steroids come out. In today's Globe there is a story that two Red Sox security personnel were fired for posession of steroids last season and MLB did a short 15 minute investigation into the matter. One of the guards was Jerry Remy's son.

Remy, who said he was not surprised that Ortiz has been linked to the doping scandal, said that during questioning by a league investigator last year he was never asked about Ortiz’s assistant - even though Remy said a Red Sox security official had warned him in 2007 to stay away from the man, whom Remy said was a steroid user.

Remy, 30, said he believed the questioning, conducted in a Fenway Park conference room by MLB investigator Eduardo Dominguez, lasted about 15 minutes. It seemed to him a perfunctory exercise in damage control.

“They didn’t ask much at all; they wanted to make it disappear,’’ he said.

As I have said before, until everyone comes clean in an honest way this story will continue until every name comes out. It is time for Ortiz* to come clean and it is time for MLB, and the Red Sox to do their part to truly clean up the game.



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