Thursday, August 14, 2008

Clean up in inning 7!

I think I see a trend here. It appears as if the Sox bullpen performs much better when a pitching change is made at the beginning of an inning, as compared to when a change is made after opposing hitters get on base and/or score. Witness Okajima’s performances with men on, or from the start of an inning. Witness the performance of Timlin Wednesday as compared to tonight. I’m no manager, but perhaps Tito should consider pulling pitchers at the end of those later innings rather than sending them out 1 more time, only to allow a base runner(s) for the next reliever. Yes, I know Lester had a shutout going. Yes, I know the next man on the mound should be able to do the job asked of him, but they are not this year, and you have to work with what you’ve got. Making adjustments is what this game is all about, and pulling the starter sooner than later could be one of them.



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