Sunday, August 10, 2008

NY Newsday Writes Yankees Obituary

After the Yankees were swept today by the Angels the team fell to 8.5 games behind the Rays and 4.5 behind the Sox. NY Newsday was the first of the New York newspapers to declare the season over for the Yankees. Here are a few highlights:

You could sense it in their hushed voices and downcast eyes. You could feel it in the mood of a clubhouse that couldn't be any lower if it were located in the La Brea tar pits. You could read it in their comments, peppered as they were with words such as "shocking," "devastating" and "horrible."...For years, even in the depths of their struggles, the Yankees and their fans could always draw strength and belief from their history. But that history is receding further into the past every season. Now it seems almost as murky and sepia-toned as old newsreel footage of Babe Ruth and Joe Dimaggio.
I am not so sure they are done yet, but stories like this as well as the soon to be heard Hankisms about the team can only cause more strife in the Bronx. Nothing like sending the Stadium out with a bang.



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