Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nomar talks about 'The List'

John Chandler of has a video interview with Nomar and his thoughts on 'The List'. posted some of his comments:

“It’s so hard to even understand, I mean what is that list? This has become an
absolute joke, I think it’s just a crock, I don’t even believe the list, it’s kind of ridiculous when you have a list like that and it doesn’t go through the proper channels. What is the truth about something like that? That’s just unfair.

“I know David and I know the guy is just so solid as an individual and cares about the game and what he does, I just hope he’s doing alright.”

“There’s a lot of guys having to deal with accusations and that’s unfortunate. I don’t know the truth. The only thing for me is that I don’t agree with people taking them at all by any means.”

“You have guys who are taking regular supplements at GNC and getting 50-game suspensions. That’s unfortunate. There’s a big difference between being a cheater and being irresponsible, they seem to put the same label on both.”

“There are flaws but it’s getting better. It’s not perfect but I think it’s headed in the
right direction for sure. I think we all as individuals and fans of the game have to be aware of that, it’s not going to be perfect and we shouldn’t cast somebody a certain way until we hear the whole story.”

“There’s process that’s supposed to go on, if there’s a suspension a guy can appeal it and there’s a big process to see what happened, did any of those guys [listed] even
have that chance? I guarantee they didn’t. It was a list that was supposed to be
anonymous and now they’re saying it’s not. They didn’t have a process.”

“There was supposed to be just a number. I knew guys who didn’t take the test just to be positive because they wanted testing. Are those guys on the list? I don’t know. There are literally guys who said, ‘I’m not taking it, go ahead and put me on there because I want the number to be above [five percent], if those guys are on the list?’ How about that? People don’t talk about that.”

“I think there’s a bigger issue about a grand jury and stuff being leaked like that, I think we have a bigger problem there than steroids in baseball, that’s a lot bigger than stuff that’s supposed to be sealed and confidential. It’s not anymore. That hurts in all walks of life.”

“Then you’re going to have 100 guys trying to tell a story, but is this [list] even
legit? I don’t know, that’s what you question. It’s one of those things where if
it was in court it would probably be tossed out and not allowed.”


Sox Spot July 31, 2009 at 6:01 PM  

This headline makes it sound like "Nomar is on the list" as opposed to him talking about the list.


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